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End of Season Staff Feedback

The season has now drawn to a close; and what an eventful one it has been. We would like to thank you for all your hard work this winter given the many adversities that we have had to handle courtesy of Brexit and Covid-19. Without our staff and their commitment to their roles the chalets would grind to a halt but thanks to your work we have come through a winter that we were hoping to merely survive in a strong position for next year. We don’t have time for as regular communication with our overseas teams as we would like which is why we have this form so that we can make working for Ski Miquel as smooth and as a rewarding an experience as it can be. I therefore urge you to please be truthful in your answers, so we have the best understanding of season life for our staff possible.

Did you find that the role as described by Ski Miquel during the application process accurately reflected the role you carried in resort? If no could you please outline how you the actual role differed?
Were you provided with sufficient details and information on the role before starting work?
Did you feel fully supported in the run up to arrival in resort?
How effective was your training at the beginning of the season in preparing you for the role you ultimately carried out?
How useful was any “on the job” training or advice that was offered?
Is there anything additional that we could have done in terms of training to ensure you were more prepared before the season (if yes briefly outline below)?
Overall how would you rate the quality of service you provided as a team to your guests throughout the season?
How happy were you working for Ski Miquel during the winter season?
Would you consider returning next season to work for Ski Miquel?
Would you recommend working for Ski Miquel to a friend who had expressed an interest in doing a Ski season?
Thanks for taking the time to fill this questionnaire out and we hope that you have a great summer!
Ski Miquel staff