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Ski hosting in Saalbach

Free Ski hosting

We ski with you on 5 mornings in the week

Ski hosting in Saalbach

Ski Hosting

Any guest of any age is welcome to join our ski hosting programme, but they must be able to ski a blue run well and a red run comfortably.

Please note that we do not offer any instruction or teaching at all, we simply ski with you to show you the best runs around the resort.

We will usually have two groups, and the speed of the group will be up to the group itself, as our staff will endeavour to ski at a pace that is comfortable and safe for everybody.

Please note that the style of the ski hosting will depend to some extent upon the weather, the piste conditions, and the ability of the group.

Where do we go?

As a warm-up, we will take you down an easy open run, so everyone can warm up and reassure themselves that they can remember how to ski! Sometimes we might direct a guest straight to the local ski school, as our priority is our guests’ safety. We believe the condition of the run and the snow is just as important as the angle of the slope!

How long are we with you for?

The morning normally starts around 9:00/9:15 and our ski hosts will usually just ski with you up until lunchtime, but if a guest would like to return to the village with our member of staff then they can do that.

Do we stop?

Yes we do, and it's not a race when we are with you! Our plan for the day includes stopping for a mid-morning drink and taking you to a recommended lunch stop. We will do our best to reserve tables and choose somewhere offering decent food and good value. You can usually swap groups at the mid-morning break if you would like to.

Do we offer you advice?

No, we don't - We will be pleased to point out certain pistes or exciting terrain, and we can tell you about interesting itinerary runs that a ski instructor can take you on, but we do not teach or instruct at all.

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Something a little more challenging?

Most of our resorts have good itinerary runs, which are not pisted, but are patrolled and declared open and safe by the mountain management. Please be aware that these itinerary runs do not form part of our normal ski hosting programme. However, our ski hosts will usually know our resorts well, so they will be able to point out some more challenging terrain that is suitable for exploring with a qualified mountain guide or instructor.


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